Micro X-Ray Fluorescence Energy Dispersive Spectrometer




Description: The Tornado M4 micro-EDXRF spectrometer is a versatile instrument for fast and acurate high-resolution analysis of both small and large specimens.


Samples require little or even no preparation at all for examination. It features an excellent spatial resolution, making use of a polycapillary X-ray optics for a spot size of less than 25 micron for Mo-Kα. The excitation source is an X-ray tube with a Rh anode capable of delivering 50kV and 600 µA. The system is equipped with a set of filters for monochromatizing the incident radiation. The five filters set are composed of Al 12.5 µm, Al 100 µm, Al 630 µm, Al/Ti 100/25 µm and Al/Ti/Cu 100/50/25 µm.


The detector is a XFlash silicon drift detector with 30 mm2 active area and a resolution of 145 eV at 5.9 keV and 300,000 cps capability.

The spectrometer is capable of performing measurements in air or vacuum for optimized light element performance.

The quantification of bulk samples can be performed using the spectrometer built-in software which is based on a standardless fundamental parameter model, or an external quantification