Cryogenic, Electronics and Radiation Detection Instrumentation

 R&D in instrumentation and associated techniques are a major drive for scientific and industrial advances. In LIBPhys, the R&D and innovation on the generic field of instrumentation plays an important role, being common to the different Groups and Thematic Strand (TS). Clearly, most sensitive are the applications to Biomedical and Biophysics Engineering, the larger TS of LIBPhys. Nevertheless, the expertise of LIBPhys in instrumentation in the areas of cryogenics and of radiation detection and associated detector pulse acquisition and processing electronics is also an important asset, with significant R&D activity and scientific output. This expertise is visible at international level, with involvement of unit members in major international collaborations and/or experiments and in bilateral collaborations with internationally renowned partners. This TS cannot be considered independently of the other TSs, taking into account that members are involved in in different research targets, having several interactions and shared goals with the other TSs.